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Hiya, I'm Joanne. I eat T-Rex and eggs for breakfast so I can grow up big and strong. Fashion blogger on the quest to becoming a fashion editor. Follow me!
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Can I Get Away With Wearing Doc Martens? (Ask A Question)

Photo from Pinterest – Danielle Rogers


Hi Joanne,

I’m a 36 year old woman, and I love…

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5 Pretty Print Scarves

Summa, summa,’s feelin like SUMMA! It’s getting mighty warm and I’m lovin this…

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Shopping Spree at the Treasure Island Flea Market

I went on the funnest trip to San Francisco just a couple of months ago. I met so many amazing…

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Springtime Lace - Top Pins of the Week

Oooh girl better put on some lace. If not you better save face. Cute springtimelace is the trend…

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9-to-5 Chic Work Outfits

Who’s been shopping at JCPenney lately? I know I have. This American chain department store has…

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Mens Fashion for Women

I’m so excited to introduce this new segment, “Borrow from the Boys.” As a girl who loves fashion,…

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High Waisted Shorts - Top Pins of the Week

We’ve had such a fantabulous stretch of weather in Sea Town! It’s been sunny upper 70 to 80…

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